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Ethics Blog #4: Televison pitchman Kevin Trudeau is headed to prison

           The world renounced television salesman Kevin Tredeau is headed to prison for his misleading schemes. He has sold millions and millions of copies of his books from how to get rich quick schemes, illness cures, and how to lose weight quick. His schemes have led him to gain millions of dollars in wealth by cheating the people he prescribes to supposedly help. He was sentenced to federal prison for 10 years. He was sentenced for criminal contempt for violating a 2004 federal court order from making misleading weight loss books.

           He received several comments about the unethical practices of his infomercials that he represents to be helping the people. When in fact that he has cheated the people he prescribes to help. The main Judge Guzman states that he has been attempting to "cheat other for his own personnel gain" since the age of 25. Evidence was represented in the courts that he appeared in three infomercials in 2006 and 2007 misrepresenting information about his weight loss book.


By: Brett Gifford

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