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Ethics Blog #3 : Cheating pays but imagine your future self

         Regardless, if its in the business world, or if it is in the classroom, certain people will cheat and try to get ahead of the curve. In the business realm people will curb and change data to make there company look better to allow for stock prices to go up. In a sense to falsify success or betterment of a company for better gains. A study was done to a group of individuals to write a letter to there future selves. In this letter it allowed for people to confront themselves and see themselves as how they would want to be perceived in the future. In the study ti was easy for the people to see themselves 3 months from their current time. However, it was difficult for people to visualize themselves 20 years from now.

        The study showed that the people who confronted their future self were less likely to cheat then those who did not confront their future selves. Companies are now using marketing strategies such as a man conversing with his future self about saving money to help with banking management. The idea of seeing years down the road and the big picture helps to prevent individuals from cheating and making poor decisions.


By Brett Gifford

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