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Ethics Blog #2 China`s Crackdown On Corruption Opens Door To Abuse

The Chinese president is increasing the efforts of eliminating the corruption in the Chinese communist party. Through the attempt of eliminating the corruption problem, they hope to show that the party is legitimate. Through corruption the party's legitimate nature has been questioned. A secret governmental disciplinary system called shuanggui, the system operates outside the police or even the courts. So should disciplinary by needed by this group the issue will be of serious consequences. 

There have been issues of the communist party detaining individuals and torturing them.There are accounts of persons being beaten, only given one bowl or rice to live on for a day, all the while being detained and beaten repeatably. All of these accounts were said to be with only one man, this abuse and torture was given to the person, in order to accept a bribe. After the mans release he went to the police to seek refuge. The police could not investigate the case due to party matters fall outside the parameters of the police department of the Chinese.

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