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            The article “Study Says the Rich Really are Different: They’re Less Ethical” on Global Ethics website shows an interesting look into more affluent peoples’ minds. The article, based on studies conducted by researchers in California and Canada, states that more wealthy people believe that “Greed is good”.  “Upper class” people were more likely to drive aggressively, steal from those less affluent, and lie and cheat during college, because they follow the aphorism that “greed is good”. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that “the US is divided between a wealthy, greedy, minority and… the rest of us.” The article’s lead author, Paul Riff, believes that this classification conflict is of great significance in today’s society.

My own take on this article

            I believe we are seeing the end of the neighborly America. We are so wrapped up in our own lives that we no longer care about what we do to others anymore. That greed is prevalent in our society is more than apparent. One merely has to look at what is happening today. Where and when I was growing up, we took care of our neighbors and our families better. We didn’t send our older folks to rot in nursing homes; we dealt with their problems as if they were our own. When a neighbor had a problem, we pitched in, just like they pitched in with us. Today, I live in New York for those ideals. I wasn’t raised here, but my wife was. Her father is a near 70 year old widower. He isn’t in the shape he was even four years ago. We take care of each other as best we can, because it’s what we’re supposed to do. This isn’t obligation, its honor and integrity. I was raised to take care of my own. I’d rather be poor and have honor and integrity, than to be rich because I used and abused others to get that way.

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