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How can universities stop students cheating online?

            One thing that all college students may not want to admit to but most likely have done is cheating. Cheating is rampant on college’s campuses and vary based on a colleges code of conduct. Recently with the advent of online courses this has become easier with the internet as a tool to find all your answers. Though students may not think of this as cheating, it is cheating all the same. Unless you come up with it or cite your sources properly it is considered cheating by most colleges. Now some of these online classes are trying to stop cheating.

            A lot of classes may now want you to pay to verify that you are doing is not cheating. They may want to track your typing speed and your ID before you do work. This is where ethics and privacy come in. many people may not agree with tracking you because this could be an invasion of privacy. So it comes down to people doing what is right and keeping their privacy. It may even come to not having a choice when it comes to a higher education. It is up to you to decide on which you want no matter how ethical it is.


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