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Provost's Lecture Series

Please join us on 3 May 2013 from noon-2p in the Student Center Theatre to hear Dr. Bjong Wolf Yeigh present his lecture in the Provost's Lecture Series entitled “Motion of nanoscale contaminant particles in air bearings under electrostatic charges”. (Light refreshments will be served.)

ABSTRACT:  This study examines the possible effect that electrostatic forces may have on debris particle motion through the interface between two sliding surfaces in an air bearing. It uses, as an example, the read/write head and disk surface of a typical modern hard disk drive. The Reynolds equation for compressible fluids at high bearing numbers is solved using a factored implicit scheme.  A first-order molecular slip correction is also applied. Debris particle motion equations are derived with corrections for gravity, drag, and the Saffman lift effect from previous studies and combined with an equation for electrostatic forces proposed in this study.  Aluminum debris particles ranging from 150 to 300nm are introduced and tracked by solving motion equations using Runge-Kutta methods. Electrostatic forces acting on a debris particle were found to affect trajectories at levels of charge far lower than anticipated. Charges at levels as low as 1.5 electrons influenced particle motion significantly.

ABOUT THE SPEAKER   - In addition to his current position as President (and Professor) of SUNYIT, which he has held since 2008, Dr.Yeigh served as VP for Academic Affairs and Dean of the faculty at Norwich University in Vermont. He also has held several other academic and administrative posts at ST. Louis and Yale Universities, and he was a member of the faculty at Oklahoma State University.

He received his education and training from Dartmouth College, Stanford University and Princeton University, where he received his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering.

Dr. Yeigh is widely published in the field of engineering and also wrote a companion textbook entitled Mechanics of Materials Companion: Case Studies, Design, and Retrofit, intended for use with texts on strength of materials.

Currently, Dr. Yeigh plays a major role in securing a future for SUNYIT in support of nanotechnology in the Mohawk Valley.

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