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Middle States Open Forum


Dr. Debra Klinman, our Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) liaison officer, will visit our campus on April 9. This is a familiarization visit in preparation for our upcoming accreditation process. She will provide guidance and will choose our visiting team. Our steering committee in consultation with various faculty and staff groups has prepared a draft Self-Study Proposal. That Proposal is a road map to address 1) MSCHE principles and standards, and 2) areas of SUNYIT interest.

Dr. Klinman will hold an open from in the Kunsela Auditorium from 11:00-Noon on April 9. Please attend if you can.

Also, for those who have already RSVP'd to attend the UUP Luncheon on that date, a few tables will be reserved for those who may be coming in late from the Open Forum.


Thank you,
Bill Durgin


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