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Jury Says 5 Madoff Employees Knowingly Aided Swindle of Clients’ Billions

after reading the article Jury says 5 madoff employees knowingly aided swindle of clients' billions a lot of ethical questions came to mind. 5 employees were convicted to serve up to 150 years in prison for fraud that "supposedly" the 5 employees knew nothing about. the 5 employees where brought to light by another former employee who had already pleaded guilty to fraud and is looking to lessen his sentence in prison. the accuser says that the 5 employees knowingly and willingly helped swindle records for Bernard Madoff. the accusations go as far as printing fake documents the day they were due and putting them in refrigerators and tossing them around the office to give them an authentic look. it is hard to question to ask your self if these people deserve to go to jail because they were just doing what they were told by a higher authority. these people could have feared in loosing there job and decided not to say anything because Madoff is a multi billionaire and know that what ever they try to say he could pay some one to disregard it. in my opinion it is hard to justify sending these people to jail for decades, there does need to be some type of punishment for there actions but i don't believe that 150 years in prison will solve anything.




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