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Cheating said to be on rise in North American B-schools

According to Donald McCabe, a management and global business professor at Rutgers University in Brunswick, N.J., students enrolled in business degrees are at the top of the list when it comes to cheating. McCabe had conducted several studies that show business students are for some reason at the top of the percentile, when it comes to cheating, compared to other programs of study. He claims there are several factors that play into this. First is the diminished vigilance by professors. Some schools who are hurting for cash cannot afford to invest in increased monitoring of submitted work and exam behavior. Usually if a student is caught and disciplined they will hire lawyers who will usually get the student off lightly. Students are not reporting other students cheating, and there is less respect for college authority. This is because no one wants to be left behind in the race to a large paycheck. Cheating is also increasing because of the advanced technology. With material online that can be copied or accessed at any time the attraction to cheat is always there. McCabe also describes how business schools are hotbeds of ramped up competition that feeds the need to be first at all costs. And once these students enter the workplace they are taught to “get it done at all costs.” He also believes that the desire to be wealthy plays a part in this. Students will enter business school at higher rates because of the potential there is to make a lot of money with a business degree. All of these factors and possibly a few more are the leading reasons why some students cheat in business school.

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