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Blame the system, not teachers, for any 'cheating'

In the Britain education system teachers are being accused of cheating, that is instead of developing a ciriculum to allow the best possible knowledge gain to their students, they are "teaching to the test". By doing this their students are doing better on tests so that the teacher will look better. Even though the students are not learning what they could be. The Britain education system is being called a giant exam passing machine. Where exam targets are the final goal of each teacher. Supposidly these teachers are under constant pressure to achive certain target scores on exams, just like a student. With higher expectations in what the scores should be, Cs and Bs used to be acceptable now it is only A's, teachers are becoming more suseptable to cheating their students education and teachers to the test, not to what knowledge the student should recieve. And that is the real problem. Can you blame the teacher for teaching to the test if that test is going to be the judged as how effective the teacher is? No you can't. But with that being said students are missing out. Instead of talking about topics and people and allowing discussions and in depth information sharing the teachers focus on how to determine answers to multiple choice questions, and how to effectively write an essay in 30 minutes. Which when that student has a job in the real world is not what they need to know.

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