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Personal Privacy and Ethics

Personal Privacy and Ethics

Case 1: A Police department wants to use a camera equipped drone:

In Alameda County, California, the sheriff’s office is asking permission to have a camera equipped drone in their criminal surveillance. Nelson, a departmental public information officer said this is to serve the greater good. Nelson brings up an instance when an officer was killed in the pursuit of a bank robber. Which side do you stand for: Personal privacy or the safety of officers?

Case 2: Microsoft’s new policy on collecting and sharing user data

The new Microsoft Services agreement allows for collection and analysis of information from the firm’s free products, including email and search functions. Should I use another email service for private emailing?

Case 3: Verizon Wireless’s customer information abuse

“Privacy advocates have taken issue with Verizon Wireless’s claim that it is legally entitled to use customer information related to app usage, physical location, and web browsing for delivering targeted information, reports PC World.” (Taken from the link below).  Companies are using everything they can to better understand its users, do you like or dislike this?



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