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Facebook Faces Challenge To Use Of Facial-Recognition Technology -

According to the New York Times. "Facebook is facing a legal and ethical dilemma over pictures of users, perhaps its most valuable commodity." "Facial-Recognition" in FaceBook's case refers to when a person posts a photo, and faces are automatically recognized for tagging. Although I have never personally seen this process where the tagging is automatic, the fear is, if Face Book has to stop this process (or never start it), it can lead to limits in other types of facial recognition technology. Currently facial recognition is used to identify people for security purposes, and there is talk of all kinds of enhancements for the future, not only in security and legal matters, but in every day life. Make's me think back to the movie Minority Report, and other types of sci-fi flicks. 

As for the ethics of this matter, I don't think facial-recognition is considered wrong behavior, especially not in FaceBook. I think it is the ethics of our culture. If people are posting pictures and tagging them, what is wrong if it automatically does it for you? Is it unethical for your face to be recognized from the scene of a crime as compared to online or out in public? I think not!

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