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Execution Of Ohio Death-Row Inmate Is Postponed Due To Request To Donate Organs Before His Death

In this article it is explained that an Ohio inmate has had is execution delayed because of his request to be an organ donor. In typical scenarios, organ donning is not an option for death row inmates because the chemicals in lethal injection are design to cause organ failure. Secondly prisons are not equipped with the necessary equipment to keep organs alive for transplant. Although this is not the first request by an inmate to donate organs on death row, none of the death penalty states have legislation regarding the matter, some inmates are refused their request and some have been granted.

I feel as if this is a matter that can get states and the judicial system into trouble. The death penalty as a whole has been a controversial issue in resent history. In this particular case an inmate wants to donate a kidney to his mother. This process would include transporting him to a hospital to have the organ removed because the prison does not have the necessary equipment to do so. This raises the issue of security of the inmate and the hospital alike. What makes this case easier than lets say the transplanting of a heart is the inmate can survive the surgery and be executed in a traditional manner at a later date. The real issue I see with the situation is, is he allowed the "privilege" to have this wish granted. The bottom line is he is a convicted child murderer, are his last wishes of concern. On the flip side, if his mother is in need of a kidney should she be allowed to suffer for her sons mistakes. I feel as if shes been though enough watching her son ruin lives of others along with his own in this careless act. I truly believe there is no legislation on this topic because a politician would see great opposition no matter the side he or she chooses to take. Even as the author of this blog I am unsure of what side I'm on regarding whether or not he should be allowed to donate. In a perspective, if this was a stunt to buy himself more time before his execution it worked without a hitch.

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