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The Ethics of "Almost"

The point of this article was to prove that something can be completely legal in the sense of it meets codes, was erected properly, etc but still isn't ethically sound. In this article a sign for the an exit onto a Southbound lane of a highway met code, was erected properly but did not work. Many people had mistaken it for the Northbound exit and caused many traffic hazards. The author of the article's point was that the sign "by the book" was completely legitimate but someone along the lines should have made the assessment that it just does not work. He calls this the ethics of almost, meaning it passes all the checks but still isn't totally ethically correct because anyone who looks at it can see that it needs some changing so that people are not confused as to what exit it is. This theory of "almost" does not just apply to this one street sign however. It seems to have found a common place in our society where almost is good enough. In a society that just keeps setting the bar lower and lower for itself because we all know someone else will clean up our mess for us this is a self destructive habit.

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