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Rutgers Basketball Coach

Coach Mike Rice, of the Rutgers College Basetball team, was fired for abusing his players physically and verbally.  He was cuaght on camera physically and verbally abusing his players on a 30 minute video.  This video went viral and evene ESPN showed it on their television show. Mike Rice's boss resigned from his position after being criticized for not inflicting a harsh enough punishment of Rice when the video first came out.  There was meeting scheduled with former assistant coach, Eric Murdock, in which Murdock was going to inform the board documentation of Rice's abusive behavior. But this meeting was canceled. They beleive it was cancelled because The Big Ten was coming up soon and they wanted the team to gain entry without having this on their name. By cancelling the meeting the board did not do an ethical thing.  Firing Coach Mike Rice was the most ethical thing to do.  It is one thing to try and motivate a player but another to try and abuse them into player better.  That is not the ethical way to being a national champion.

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