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Facial Recognition Technology

Facebook is one of the worlds most popular sites and can cause a lot of unwanted trouble. The ability to "tag" a persons name either in a photo or "status-update" without consent is one of the ways that social media can harm a persons career or future. In Europe, these functions are banned from Facebook due to protests from privacy advocates.the United States Federal Trade commisoin released a few recomendations for companies that CNN was able to reproduce, such being: keeping consumer privacy in mind; providing an improved security protection of information regarding what to keep private and "throw away"; the nature of information that could be provided with facial recognition must also be included; and also consumers should be failry warned that facial recognition technology will bue used.

The Huffington Post also released an article about a new techoogy of recognition called Next generation identifycation systems that not only will be using facial recognition but also fingerprints, scars and tattoos to identify a person. Obviously, Facebook is not able to preform such technological advanced solutions to this issue, howver it should force the user to accept or deny the rights of another user to place thier name on a specific pitcure or status to ensure thier wellbeing.

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