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After reading this article I was pretty surprised at the amount of doctors that actually prescribe placebos.  I think that this is very interesting because it shows just how much is in our heads and what the power of our minds can have on our health and body.  This also shows that many things are mind over matter and if you think positively or believe that you will get better then you will have a better chance at having a more speedy recovery.  I agree with the 66% of doctors that believe that as long as the placebo does not affect the trust between doctors and patients then it is ethical.  

In response to the new Google glasses that are said to be able to do most of the things a smartphone can do, I think that they are a cool invention but there is really no need for them.  I for one still do not even have a smartphone because I do not feel the need for one and can wait till I get to an available computer to do anything that I may be able to do on a smartphone.  As helpful as these smartphones may be sometimes, I think that today's society is starting to rely too much on their phones and there is no need to make glasses that can do what smartphones can.  I believe that these glasses may even become a great danger to our society because people may start using them while driving and this would be even worse than texting because you wear them on your eyes which would greatly distract you.  

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