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Construction Worker Ordered to Pay Co-Workers for Lottery Winnings on Pool Ticket

This actually seems like this has been happening alot lately, especially since the lottery was so high last month. This has a personal connection to me, because my mother works at the lottery. This article basically talks about how one guy pooled with his co-workers to buy a ticket and it was a winning ticket and he tryed to claim it as his own personal ticket. This just goes to show that people can be extremely selfish at times. Even though they would get an extreme amount of money anyway if they had split it, this man just wanted all of it for himself.

It's hard to go into something like this, you definately need someone trustworthy to hold onto the ticket and redeem it cause if you don't get someone like that, some kind of third party, your'e gonna be out of luck.

My boyfriend told me he and his co-workeres entered something like this last month, they didn't win, but I told him that he could go with me to redeem the ticket, cause my mother worked there and I would show him where to go. I would be a perfect example for a good trustworth third party to hold onto the ticket, because there is no way I can redeem a lottery ticket, because I am not aloud to play or redeem tickets at the lottery because my mother works there.

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