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Los Angeles Times Defies Defense Department

When i saw the headline for this one I wasn't sure what to expect. I hadn't even read the posting yet and already I found this kinda disturbing. So I read it and the top two headlines really grab my attention and they actually kinda bother me. The first one talks about how the LA Times posted photos of US soldiers overseas were poseing with body parts of fallen enemies. This doesn't just bring up an ethics issue with US soldiers poseing like this, but it also brings up a question of wether the LA times should even be running something like this. First of all I know that these guys are enemies, but I would think soldiers would just want to forget that they're killing people, not remember it with a kodak moment. Secondly I don't believe that things like this should be in a newspaper or available for public to easily view. This isn't something most people need to or want to see. Its gruetesque and disturbing and I don't think people want to see this. I think they're trying to go for shock value. It's not right and I know they wanted people to know about it, but I don't think this is the way to do it.

The second article is about a photograph that was taken for a pulizer prize. It was a photo of a child in the middle of carnage and dead bodies. There is definately controversy surrounding this photo, people are unsure of wether this should be aloud to be shown. It was submitted under the understanding that this was a photographic piece of art, but people just can't get over the grutestque and violent nature of this photo.

My opinion on this is that as long as its tastefully done and not being inputted just for shock value, I think it should be fine. The whole point to war photos like this is to tell the story of the violent nature of these wars. I believe that people should be expected to be shocked because these events are really shocking, but its not meant to offend or gross people out, its mean to inform the pubic.

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