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Califonias Use of Wastewater to Replenish Groundwater

California seems to me to be at the forefront of most waste water technologies in the United States, various articles I have read and some even I have posted about concern a new or retrofitted technology being used at a treatment plant somewhere out west.

This trend isn’t changing, an recent article I read tells of a municipal water company (Orange County Water District or OCWD) that is using waste water to replenish ground water. The OCWD already re-charges the district underground water source using waste water that is near distilled quality. They achieve this highly purified water utilizing UV light, reverse osmosis and oddly enough hydrogen peroxide

The new addition to this plant recently approved by the OCWD board of directors will increase the current outflow of purified water from the initials by 30 mgd and by the end of the addition increase that to over 31,00 AFY (acre feet per year). This new outflow will boost the plants overall production to an astounding 103,000 AFY, enough water for 850,000 people

This system employed by OCWD has helped its water district in multiple ways, helping it survive multiple year droughts without imposing harsh water restrictions and preventing millions of gallons of dilute waste water from being pumped into the Pacific Ocean.


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