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Plan to use Excess Methane as a Fuel Source

Waste water treatment is a necessity in any big city, it allows for the water cycle to continue even in the face of human influences on the surrounding are.

San Diego is a larger city in the state of California and is a semi costal city. Recently the city has proposed a plan to build a plant that would convert methane produced during the treatment of the city’s waste water into a viable fuel source.

The plant which is actually being constructed now will cost 4.5 billion dollars and allow for the city to take the methane gas produced from treatment of wastewater and sell it back to San Diego Gas and Electric beginning in October.

This is an awesome program for other cities to model; it takes methane, a greenhouse gas 10 times more potent than carbon dioxide and uses it as fuel rather than burning it off right at the plant to keep it from building up. Not only is the source or the methane 100% green (being human waste) and renewable, the process itself promotes an alternative fuel source in a time when gas prices are through the roof.


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