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Is This Any Way to Run a Government?

Rushwoeth M. Kidder talks about averted government shutdown, and tries to answer the question: "Is this any way to run a government?", which is on everybody’s mind. To answer this question, as Kidder has done before, he asks the readers to look at the problem and define it based on Values, Decision Making and Moral Courage.

Values Kidder states that five values - honesty, responsibility, respect, fairness and compassion - characterize ethical activity. According to Kidder three of the values were threatened: responsibility, fairness and honesty.

Decision Making Both sides of the debate were rights with a morally sound evidence that was accurate. The atmosphere of debate was whether the decision is wright or wrong and only in the final moment, the realization was made that there is no black-and-white rigidities.

Moral Courage Kidder states that morally courageous leaders have three attributes: a healthy disregard for personal loss, a willingness to take the lead and risk unpopular exposure, and a high tolerance for ambiguity. Author makes a statement that courage was in short supply in recent weeks.

As a conclusion, Kidder asks readers if there is any hope that the group that brought us the government-shutdown debacle can lead the nation through the next deliberation on the soaring national debt.

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