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Week 5

Hello again!

This is my last blog!  The article I want to talk about today is "How Loud Should the Whistle-Blower Be?", and in this article there are some pretty unethical questions.  In the opening statements of this article there is a dilemma that a president of a company was embezzleing $50,000 and her accountants discovered this.  Her immediate supervisors came to her and asked her to resign or get terminated.  She chose to resign peacfully to protect her name.  The person within this company that discovered the wrongful action and reported it wasnt satisfied with her boss's supervisors and she wanted to call the police and get her charged with a higher penalty.  She felt that her boss was getting away with stealing 50k and that isnt how it should work.  The boss is also still allowed to be apart of the board she belongs to, and she isnt losing her licenses. 

Now this is unfair because the boss of this company should have been hung out to dry, but because the board didnt want bad publicity they chose to let her "get away" with the crime.  Any other person would have been crucified. Now the woman who discovered the wrong doing wanted to pursue correct punishments but she probably can't for fear of losing her job.  This to me seems unfair and you should feel the same.  If you see something wrong and you know that it is wrong, you should be able to report it and not have any negative reactions.  This all depends on the sevarity of the issue and proof of being guilty.  The probelm comes down to having the support needed to follow through.  Meaning, her boss's should have supported her and took the necessary charge to help get the boss's punishment corrected. 

Everyone has been in a situation where someone did something wrong but can't say anything because it will be a negative impact for them aswell.  I am not saying this is right but, thats how it goes.  Either way, this is a huge grey area and I personaly wish there were an easy solution for the problem. 

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