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Lawmakers accuse GM of possible criminal cover-up

This article is about the recent issues with GM cars malfunctioning and causing injury or death to some drivers.  GM, or General Motors, had been having ignition issues with some of their cars for the past 10 years and is just now coming out with information regarding this.  The ignition would switch from the on position to the accessory position which would prevent power steering, power brakes, and front airbags from working while driving.  GM's new CEO Mary Barra is trying to answer questions regarding the problem and doesn't seem to have many answers to give.  Evidence that lawmakers have points to the idea of a cover-up by GM.  Apparently, GM replaced the ignition switch, but failed to change the part number which makes it difficult to trace the old versus new switches.  Senators questioning the CEO at the hearing seemed to think this wasn't the "unacceptable" mistake Barra called it, but rather a cover-up of the issue.

Barra said multiple times that she would let her son drive one of the effected GM cars.  The GM ignition is said to work fine as long as the ignition key is the only key in the ignition and has no other keys or objects attached to it.  Almost everyone I know has several keys and other objects on their key chains.  It's not practical to expect people to drive their cars with only the ignition key because that's just not what the majority of the population does.  It sounds to me like damage control is in full effect with GM, but it doesn't sound like congress is buying it.

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