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Ohio Education Officials Say State Has Safeguards Against Widespread Cheating on Standardized Tests

This is another article on cheating, however, this article focuses on educators manipulating test results to ensure their students received better scores.  The idea behind the article is to warn teacher that there are technologies being used to detect if tests have been manipulated such as eraser mark evaluations and irregular pattern detectors.  Third grade students must take a standardized reading test to evaluate their progress as well as the schools progress.  The reason teachers are so concerned with getting good test results is because there is a lot of pressure on the schools and the teachers themselves to teach their students well enough to score well on these exams.  The exams effect a number of things including the schools rankings and can even lead to building closures in extreme cases.  Teacher ratings and funding for the schools are also taken into account when reviewing the test results.  

The article discusses how Atlanta and Philadelphia city schools were caught cheating on these same tests recently.  Teachers basically told the students what answers to pick and in one case they stuck an entire group of kids in the same room with a teacher to give them the answers to the test.  Even though the school districts in Ohio haven't cheated on these tests technically, these past districts have and it's the goal to deter Ohio schools from going down this path.  The exams are going to be given as online exams next year which will make it harder for these teachers to cheat and manipulate scores as they have before.  

It's interesting to me that the focus of an article about cheating in schools is about teachers and not the students themselves.  These teachers are supposed to act as role models for students, especially young children in third grade who have very impressionable minds.  Being taught that it's okay to cheat at such an early age could lead to these students continually cheating in the future.  The online testing is a good idea to safeguard against cheating, but still can't completely prevent it. 

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