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The Real Ethical Question For For-Profit Colleges

Ethical issues are arising from for-profit colleges who are failing to inform students of the huge debt burden they will incur, low graduation and retention rates to which they may fall victim, and the struggle they will likely face to obtain stable employment after graduation.  Some examples are students from for-profit colleges are more likely to drop out and borrow money, colleges selling overpriced poor educations, and schools spending more money on recruiting and marketing rather than on education.  The for-profit college’s reaction to these allegations is that it is not necessary to warn students of enrolling in one of these institutions.  I do not think this is an ethical issue, more a job for the future student to research their college before they agree to attend it.  I do not think it is necessary for the college to warn students of the financial risks of attending college, because in the end a college is just another business.

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