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Privacy & Text Messages

A recent murder of a 6-year-old boy have sparked controversy among the privacy of using text messages as evidence in court trials.  Evidence that led to a man being charged with the murder of the 6-year-old boy was thrown out, saying the police needed a search warrant.  This issue is attracting attention to a Senate committee who is considering changes to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, a 1986 law that regulates how the government can monitor digital communications.  The proposed amendment would require police to obtain a warrant to search e-mail, no matter how old, updating the provision currently that allows warrantless searches of e-mails more than 180 days old.  This is without a doubt a necessity to have this law updated.  The capability of cell phones today as well as the amount of usage, have the ability for criminals to acquire evidence against themselves.  This evidence should be given up to courts by cellphone companies to reduce time and money lost in the court system as well as time lost by victims.

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