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Another Step Closer

As this week ends, SUNYIT Baja takes another step toward competition. On Friday the 18th of February we submitted our official cost report to the SAE Collegiate Competition. This is one of two reports that we have to submit before competition. The second being the design report which is due two months from now.

Progress on the car has been moving along. The rear hubs have been designed, machined, and are being used in the next step which is attachment to the swing arm. The design of the swing arm has been encouraging with a sound engineering solution in the works. The front end of the suspension has been researched and is being developed so that progress can begin moving forward. Items for the new hammock seat arrived this week and in the next week there should be a finished mock up of the seat ready for testing.

We would also like to welcome our new sponsor, PPC who is located in Syracuse, aboard and thank them very much for their donation and support. We appreciate all of our sponsors and every one of them is part of our engineering family.

Here’s to another solid update in the near future!


*** This week's blog was written by Joe Albano. Everyone give him a hand on how well this blog has turned out. ***

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