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Ex-Contractor Hacks Into University

A former contract worker for the University of Maryland said he hacked into the university database and posted the University President's "Private Information" to draw attention to the security problem.  David Helkowski has been linked to this breach that he was able to access grades, social security numbers and contact information. He says that he did this to show the severity of the security problem within the university. This is a major problem because this would make the University responsible for students and faculty to have the identities stolen. This act is a form of whistle blowing on the Universities security. Helkowski said he had to do it because he brought up the issues before and they were not taken seriously and he believed the only way was to show how easily the information could be accessed. He posted online that he used "standard attacks against the UMD site to attempt to gain access." A few months before Helkowski's actions the University had a data breach, so after that incident they said they improved there security measures. Helkowski still knew that the security was "terrible" so he had to demonstrate the ease of access. He also was blunt with his way of showing he was successful at breaching security. Helkowski obtained and posted the University President's contact information and social security number. understandably, alumni, students, faculty, staff and others connected to the university are very concerned about the data breaches that has exposed personal information.

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