Laura Weiser Erlandson

  • Faculty
  • Associate Professor of Biology
  • Donovan 2277
  • Utica, New York
Phone Number
  • 315-792-7223
Fax Number
  • 315-792-7503
Picture of Laura Weiser Erlandson


  • Biological control of plant and animal pests. Currently involved in control of an invasive plant, purple loosestrife, in the Utica Marsh.

  • Publications:

    Weiser Erlandson, L. A. and J. J. Obrycki.  2010.  Predation of immature and adult Empoasca fabae (Harris) (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) by three predatory insect species.  J. Kansas Entomol. 83(1): 1–6.

    Weiser L. A., M. F. Antolin, Z. Wu, and G. E. Heimpel.  2004.  Does temperature affect diploid male production in Habrobracon hebetor?  J. Hym. Res. 13(2): 309–315.

    Heimpel, G. E., J. C. Lee, Z. Wu, L. Weiser, F. Wäckers, M. A. Jervis.  2004.  Gut sugar analysis in field-caught parasitoids: adapting methods used on biting flies.  Intl. J. Pest Mgmt. 50(3): 193–198.

    Weiser, L. A., J. J. Obrycki, and K. L. Giles.  2003.  Strip harvesting in alfalfa traps potato leafhoppers (Homoptera: Cicadellidae).  J. Econ. Entomol. 96(4): 1184–1192.

    Crum, D. A., L. A. Weiser, and N. E. Stamp.  1998.  Effects of prey scarcity and plant material as a dietary supplement on an insect predator.  Oikos 81: 549–557.

    Weiser, L. A. and N. E. Stamp.  1998.  Combined effects of allelochemicals, prey availability, and supplemental plant material on growth of a generalist insect predator.  Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 87: 181–189.


  • Girl Scouts of America Advisor. 2006. Advised two girl scouts in designing a butterfly garden.
  • BOCES Regional Program for Excellence. 2006. Mentored a high school student in ecological issues in the Utica Marsh.
  • Utica Marsh Council Secretary
  • Utica Marsh Purple Project. 2005-present. Released and monitored Galerucella calmariensis in the Utica Marsh.

  • Science Fair Judge, Clinton High and Middle Schools. 2004-present.
  • Applied Math Camp. 2005. “It’s a jungle out there: predator-prey dynamics”. SUNY Institute of Technology.
  • Insect Zoo Service Based Learning Program. 2005. SUNYIT students taught 2nd graders about insects.
  • Weiser Erlandson, L. A., M. J. Krupski, and L. L. Machold. 2005. Post-release monitoring of Galerucella spp.: an establishment study for biological control of purple loosestrife in the Utica Marsh. Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Heimpel G. E., L. A. Weiser, & M. F. Antolin. 2004. Interactions between complementary sex determination and Wolbachia in parasitoid wasps. International Congress of Entomology, Brisbane, Australia.

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