Zora Thomova

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  • Utica/Marcy, New York
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  • Mathematical physics - symmetries of partial differential equations, classification of Lie subalgebras, Knowledge of derivatives and derivative markets including foreign exchange, fixed income

  • Publications:

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  • D. Levi, C. Scimiterna, Z. Thomova and P. Winternitz: Contact transformations for difference schemes, Journal of Physics A Mathematical and Theoretical; 45(2) (2012)
  • D. Levi, Z. Thomova, P. Winternitz: Are there contact transformation for discrete equations?, Journal of Physics A Mathematical and Theoretical; 44(26) (2011)
  • E.G. Kalnins, Z. Thomova and P. Winternitz: Subgroup Type Coordinates and the Separation of Variables in Hamilton-Jacobi and Schrodinger Equations, Nonlin. Math. Physics, 12, 178-208 (2005)
  • Z. Thomova and P.Winternitz, Separation of Variables and Darboux Transformations, CRM Proceedings and Lecture Notes, 20, 419-427 (2001)
  • Z. Thomova and P. Winternitz: Maximal Abelian Subalgebras of the Pseudoeuclidean Lie Algebras, it Lin. Alg. Appl., 291, 245-274, (1999)
  • Z. Thomova, P. Winternitz and W.J. Zakrzewski: Solutions of (2+1)-dimensional Spin System, J.Math.Phys., 39, 3927-3944 (1998)

  • Projects:

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  • Mathematics Awarness: Mathematics education prior to College � instructor in the Mathematics Institutes for Middle School and High School teachers, Summer camps for children aged 10-15. In last two years the emphasis was on Math/Science camps for girls only.
  • Mathematical Physics: Symmetries of differential equations, Integrability and superintegrability; Separation of variables, Classification of Lie subalgebras
  • Finance: Finacial derivatives - their characteristics, pricing and their use as hedging instruments, Derivatives markets, FX markets, Fixed income markets

  • Presentations:

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  • Mathematics: its beauty, applications and why it is all interesting (audience: general)
  • Financial mathematics: financial derivatives and their applications (audience: general, financial professionals, college)
  • Introductory Number Theory: applications to communication security (encryption); Numbers, their properties and our knowledge of them (audience: general, college)
  • Mathematical Physics: symmetries of differential equations, separation of variables (audience: college, research), observation of simple symmetries in nature - discrete to continuous (audience: general, college)

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