PaulH Schulman

  • Faculty
  • Associate Professor
  • 2143A Donovan Hall
  • Utica, New York
Phone Number
  • (315) 792-7435
Fax Number
  • (315) 792-7503
Picture of PaulH Schulman


  • Drugs and learning, visual perception, web site usability

  • Projects:

  • Athletic conditioning and Pavlovian conditioning; Drug overdoses; how people use and understand web sites
  • P. Schulman (1991). A freehand method for drawing stereoscopic pictures. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 73, 215-218.
  • P. Schulman (August, 1984). Food aversions and cravings during pregnancy. Paper presented at American Psychological Association meeting, Toronto.
  • J. Bacon, A. Gordon, and P. Schulman (1982). The effect of two types of induced-motion displays on perceived location of the induced target. Perception and Psychophysics, 32, 353-359.

  • Presentations:

  • Drug tolerance and overdoses - any group interested in drugs and their treatment
  • Visual perception
  • Usability: web designers, businesses

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