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The Ethics of “Almost”

This was an interesting blog. This blog talks about an encounter the blogger had on a highway with another car that had mistakenly taken a a wrong turn onto a southbound ramp. The blogger almost collided with the car, but did not blame the driver of the other car for the potential collision. The blogger brings up an interesting point. He stated that the sign had been a problem area for quite some time but their had not been enough accidents for it to be fixed. He mentions, like most things, they are put on the market because they are "almost" ready. We see this a lot in today's society, with products being put out on the market because they are almost done, and when they do fail or encounter problems, new and improved products are then introduced. This is unethical and unfair to the consumer, because they are paying good money for a product that is supposed to last and be effective. This is particularly important in engineering because the public's lives are at stake.

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