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Ensure It Never Happens Again

An excerpt from the NY Times refers to Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State football assistant coach, who was convicted of 45 criminal accounts of sexual abuse. He had molested many young boys and his wrong doings are finally ending.

The quote taken from the aricle that represents fixing the situation by Rodney Erickson, president of Penn State said “We cannot undo what has been done, but we can and must do everything possible to learn from this and ensure it never happens again at Penn State.”

It goes without saying that what Sandusky does was wrong. Rodney Erickson is referencing the 59.7 million in settlements to 26 sexual abuse victims of Penn State's former assistant football coach. The settlement money was strictly from insurance policies and tuition and tax payers money was untouched.

Sandusky finally is getting what he deserved: a 30 to 60 year state prison sentence. What happened to these victims will not be erased, but it may provide some sort of comfort knowing that that man will never be able to do this to another person.

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