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This is a tag cloud of posts based on tags (keywords / categories).

Link font size is based on tag frequency
Link font color is based on how recent a post at been tagged.

alum   alumni   animal kingdom   attachments   august 2008 interface   birthday   bookstore   buyback   carnival day   cat1   cat2   categories   cats   computers   cs   disabilities   disability   dodgeball   exams   ffmpeg   final   flv   formal   freshmen orientation   gd   gentoo bsd   go fish   graduate   graduate council   graduates   graduation   hard drive   hitchcock   humane society   instructional designer   job   kahn   laptop   leadership mohawk valley   linux mce   luau   media center   meeting   midterms   mileage   mohawk   mtc 336 lo   mythtv   new years   office 2008   orientation   php   presentation   puppies   rainbow   recycled percussion   reena   rent   rental   smilies   spectrum   spring break   spring formal   su   svg   syracuse   tag cloud   textbooks   tinymce   training   weather   wegmans   wildlife   win   windows   work  

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